Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light is on, don’t ignore it. Check engine lights turn on for a reason and the sooner you get your vehicle checked out, the better. The ASE Certified professionals here at Autoplex are here to help. We know how important finding problems early is as it means less time-consuming and expensive repairs are needed. Sometimes the problem is small and easy to fix, but chances are it’s a problem that can easily build up to cause severe vehicle damage and can risk your safety. Don’t let a little thing like ignoring a light be the

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reason you’re stuck without a working car, instead come to Autoplex. We have over 43 years of automotive experience and ASE Certified technicians who know cars. Stop by, call or schedule an appointment online now.

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  • Over 43 Years Of Proud Auto Service
  • ASE Certified Professional Technicians
“The quality of work at Autoplex is excellent. We appreciate the wonderful service provided, especially the pick up and drop off at home service. The employees are friendly and hardworking.”

Jeff M

“Efficient, fair and very honest. Many cars for many years and many mechanics…had never before experienced the honesty I received from these folks…”

Steve M