On Board Diagnostic System

On Board Diagnostic System

There are many systems in your vehicle designed to gather helpful information and display it for you. One such system is the on board diagnostic system. Collecting different types of information from all areas of your vehicle is helpful and important. Now a simple light or message can let you know right away if anything in your vehicle is out of the ordinary. It can be as simple as low fuel levels or as major as vehicle damage. If you have any issue or problem, come right away to Autoplex in Savannah. Our ASE Certified technicians work hard to find the issue and fix it quickly. With over 43 years of automotive experience, you know your vehicle has never been in better hands. Stop by, call or schedule an appointment online today.

  • 24 Hour Towing Service
  • Loaner Vehicles Available
  • Pick Up & Drop Off Service
  • Over 43 Years Of Proud Auto Service
  • ASE Certified Professional Technicians
“The quality of work at Autoplex is excellent. We appreciate the wonderful service provided, especially the pick up and drop off at home service. The employees are friendly and hardworking.”

Jeff M

“Efficient, fair and very honest. Many cars for many years and many mechanics…had never before experienced

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the honesty I received from these folks…”

Steve M